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The USS Nimitz CVN 68 was the first ship in her class

Design is conventional, with the island superstructure held at starboard. The angled flight deck runs from stern to port and four steam catapults are operated from the angled deck (2) and the straight deck (2). Four hangar elevators service the flight deck with one located port, one starboard abaft of the island and two on the starboard side forward of the island superstructure. Defensive armament consists of 2 x Sea Rolling Airframe Missile launchers and 2 x Mk 29 Sea Sparrow surface-to-air missile launchers. Her offensive air arm is made up of 90 aircraft of various makes and types.
The USS Nimitz - named after US Navy Pacific Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz - was the first vessel in her Nimitz-class when launched in the early 1970's and she has developed a storied career through her decades of service. Initially designated as CVAN-68 but redesignated in 1975 to CVN-68, the USS Nimitz still remains one of the largest ocean-going warships ever constructed and represents one of the most powerful offensive weapons in the world.

Being a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the Nimitz is powered by 2 x Westinghouse brand A4W reactors which, in turn, power quadruple steam turbines and 4 x shafts at 260,000 shaft horsepower. The vessel can achieve top speeds just over 30 knots and, due to the nature of the nuclear reactors, has essentially unlimited range. Her complement consists of 3,200 sailors and up to 2,480 members of the air group.

The Nimitz was first ordered in 1967 and laid down the following year by Newport News Shipbuilding in Newport News, Virginia, USA. She was launched in 1972 and officially commissioned in 1975.

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The USS Ronald Reagan; the ninth Nimitz-class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier

The USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76)is complemented by 5,680 crew members with 2,480 of that number representing her air wing. Power is derived from twin A4W type Westinghouse brand nuclear reactors and 4 x steam turbines each spinning 4 x shaft propellers through 260,000 total shaft horsepower. A top speed of over 30 knots can be achieved in ideal conditions and range is essentially unlimited thanks to her use of nuclear power. The Reagan displaces at 97,000 tons.

The USS Ronald Reagan is the ninth vessel in the ten-strong Nimitz-class nuclear-powered aircraft carriers beginning with the initial USS Nimitz (CVN 69). The vessels are a powerful family of warship, providing a myriad of combat options that also also as a regional deterrent by its capability to move into volatile areas at a moments notice. Her mighty air wing is her primary strength as much as her crew is her lifeblood and the thousands that keep her afloat represent the current power of the United States Navy since the pivotal days of World War 2 in the Pacific Theater of War.

The USS Ronald Reagan was ordered in 1994 and laid down in 1998, with construction undertaken by Northrop Grumman Newport News and Dry Dock Company in New Port, Virginia. She was launched in 2001 and officially commissioned in 2003. She is named after former US President Ronald Reagan. The vessel cost $4.5 billion dollars.

The Reagan is offered some minor defensive implements in the case she is directly attacked by an enemy that has made it through her defensive network of support ships and her airwing. This includes 2 x Sea Sparrow Mk 29 surface-to-air missile systems (navalized versions of their air-to-air missile counterparts) and 2 x RIM-116 RAM (Rolling Airframe Missile) launchers. Her airwing is made up of some 90 aircraft of various types including helicopters for Search & Rescue (SAR) and Anti-Submarine Warfare. Her fixed-wing complement is largely made up of F/A-18 Hornet multi-role fighter.

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