Sunday, October 24, 2010

FBP m/948 submachine gun


FBP m/948 submachine gun, with optional bayonet lug on the barrel

FBP m/948 submachine gun

Caliber 9x19mm Luger / Parabellum
Weight 3.75 kg
Length (stock closed/open) 635 / 813 mm
Barrel length 249 mm
Rate of fire 500 rounds per minute
Magazine capacity 32 rounds

FBP m/948 submachine gun was developed at Portuguese arms-making factory Fabrica de Braco de Prata, and adopted by Portuguese military in 1948. The FBP m/948 submachine gun was broadly based on two wartime designs - German MP40 (bolt and return spring setup, safety) and US M3 (receiver design, trigger and shoulder stock). FBP m/948 submachine gun was extensively used by Portuguese military and by some former Portuguese colonies.

FBP m/948 submachine gun is a simple blowback weapon that fires from open bolt, in full automatic mode only. The bolt and especially return spring and its external telescoping guide are patterned after the German MP40 submachine gun, although the bolt design is somewhat simplified. The safety, which uses an L-shaped cut in the cocking handle slot in receiver to lock the bolt in the open position is also based on MP40. The overall layout and design of the stamped steel receiver and pistol grip / trigger unit is patterned after American M3 submachine gun. Sliding, telescoping buttstock, made of steel wire, is also copied from US M3 weapon. The FBP m/948 submachine gun was sometimes fitted with optional bayonet lug on the barrel.


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