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Cristobal assault rifle / carbine

The Cristobal Model 2 assault rifle / carbine is an interesting weapon which is somehow not easy to classify properly. Technically, it is close to typical submachine guns, as it fires from open bolt, but it's cartridge is way too powerful to be considered as a "pistol" round, as the .30 US Carbine develops about 1300 Joules of muzzle energy and thus is about 2-3 times more powerful than a typical military pistol round like 7.62x25 TT, 9mm Luger or .45 ACP, and has maximum effective range of 300-400 meters.

Cristobal Model 2 assault rifle / carbine

The Cristobal Model 2 assault rifle / carbine was developed by famous Hungarian small arms designer Pal Kiraly, who after the WW2 left Hungary and settled in the Dominical republic. The Cristobal Model 2 assault rifle / carbine is broadly based on two submachine gun designs - internally it resembles the Hungarian 39M submachine gun (designed by Kiraly), and externally it somehow resembles Italian Beretta M1938, which at the time of M2 development was manufactured under license in Dominica. Production of the Cristobal Model 2 assault rifle / carbine began in mid-1950s, and it was produced in significant numbers. In 1962, a modified version, known as Cristobal M1962, was designed and entered production. The Cristobal Model 1962 assault rifle / carbine was slightly shorter but heavier than its predecessor. It was also manufactured with fixed wood stock or with side-folding wire stock.

Cristobal Model 2 assault rifle / carbine

The Cristobal Model 2 assault rifle / carbine is a delayed blowback weapon that fires from open bolt. In this system, bolt consists of two parts, with pivoting lever attached to the forward part (bolt head). When in battery, the bottom hand of the lever is resting against the receiver, and the upper rests against the rear part of the bolt (bolt body). Upon discharge, movement of the bolt head forces the lever to rotate back, thus speeding up the bolt body and slowing down the initial opening of the bolt head. Once the lever is fully pivoted, both parts of the bolt can recoil together freely against the return spring, to complete the firing and reloading cycle. Firing is from open bolt, in full automatic mode or single shots. To select mode of fire, weapon is provided with two triggers - front trigger delivers single shots and the rear trigger delivers full automatic fire. The manual safety lever is located on the left side of the receiver, below the rear sight. Feed is from detachable box magazines with 30-round capacity. Standard stock is made from wood. On Model 2 rifles, the rear sight is adjustable for range from 100 to 500 meters, the Model 1962 has a simplified L-shaped flip-up rear sight.

Cristobal Model 1962 assault rifle / carbine

  Cristobal Model 2 Cristobal Model 1962
Caliber .30 M1 US Carbine (7.62x33 M1)
Action Delayed blowback
Overall length 945 mm 866 mm
Barrel length 405 mm 310 mm
Weight, empty 3.53 kg 3.96 kg
Rate of fire 580 rounds per minute
Magazine capacity 30 rounds



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