Thursday, June 20, 2013

The 105mm Gun T8 was a proposed battlefield towed-artillery system for the United States Army

Developed during World War 2 - the peak of towed artillery usage - the T8 was intended to provide years of service as a battlefield stalwart in assistance to United States Army forces. Unfortunately for the system, the war all but over by 1946 - just as the T8 was entering trials in February of that year. With the world decompressing from a wartime atmosphere, the T8 fell along the wayside with a complete project cancellation after only seeing two pilot units produced.

The 105mm Gun T8 was intended to provide a much needed anti-tank punch to American ground forces, an element capitalized on by German and Soviet army units in World war 2.

The T8 featured two synthetic rubber road wheels on a split carriage, a sloped front facing armor for general crew protection and a 65 caliber barrel length with identifying muzzle deflector. The breech was of a vertical block type. Projectiles for the T8 would have been 39lb armor piercing types that the system could lob at targets a distance of some 1,000 yards away. Weighing in at approximately 8 tons, the 105mm gun could be towed into position by other land systems.



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