Monday, May 24, 2010

GL-06 40mm grenade launcher (Switzerland)

GL-06 grenade launcher is a dedicated stand-alone shoulder-firing weapon, intended for military and police applications. Designed by well-respected Swiss arms-making company Br├╝gger & Thomet AG, GL-06 is already in use with certain European military Special Forces groups. A special dedicated "less lethal" version of GL-06 is produced as LL-06. It must be noted that the only difference between GL-06 and LL-06 is the color of the frame - both weapons are fully capable of firing a complete range of 40mm x 46 munitions.

GL-06 grenade launcher with optional accessories such as Red Dot sight, forward grip and a tactical light

GL-06 grenade launcher with barrel opened up for loading

LL-06 - a dedicated less-lethal version of the GL-06, intended for police application, with array of available less-lethal and practice munitions

Caliber: 40x46mm low velocity
Type: single-shot 
Overall length: 590 / 385 mm (stock opened / folded)
Weight: 2,05 kg unloaded
Effective range: up to 300 m

It must be noted that GL-06 was born from recent request from police force of one of leading European nations, which sought to obtain a less-lethal weapon for anti-riot application, with particular need for pin-point accuracy at standoff ranges (beyond 40 meters for such scenarios) when firing impact rounds. B+T provided its client with both weapon and a special round, with added benefit of compatibility with wide array of lethal and less-lethal ammunition produced in 40mm low-velocity class. GL-06 is lighter and more compact than other stand-alone weapons of the same class (such as US M79 or German HK 69), yet it is capable of great accuracy, tactical flexibility and has good ergonomics.

GL-06 grenade launcher is a single shot weapon, with rifled tip-up barrel. For loading and unloading, rear part of the barrel is tipped up; therefore, rounds of any conceivable length can be easily loaded and extracted without problems. Barrel opening is assisted by special spring, thus speeding-up the reloading process. The barrel lock levers are fully ambidextrous and located in front of trigger guard, within the reach of the index finger. Trigger is of Double Action Only type, with concealed hammer. Additional manual safety is provided in form of the cross-bolt button located on the receiver above the pistol grip. GL-06 is provided with integral open sights (with adjustable diopter-type rear sight), and an integral Picatinny type rail on the barrel, which permits installation of many types of sighting equipment. Three additional accessory rails are installed on the short forend, below the barrel. GL-06 is fitted with side-folding butt, made of durable polymer, and is equipped with sling attachment points.



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