Monday, April 7, 2014

Barnett Ghost 410 Crossbow

Hailed for being a game changer and both breaking and setting records with its long anticipated release, the Barnett Ghost 410 CRT follows Barnett’s tradition of making each new iteration of their crossbow lines lighter, stronger, and faster than the one before.

The Ghost 410 improves on its predecessor the Ghost 400 by introducing Barnett’s CRT or Carbon Riser Technology in order to lighten up the crossbow by an impressive 43% dropping it to a comfortable 7.3 pounds as well as making it stronger and more compact. Keep in mind that the Ghost 410 is not for the hunter on a budget and in this review I’ll give you some information to help you determine whether or not it is the right crossbow for you given its price tag.

A modern standard in crossbow construction the quad limb design allows for a large amount of energy to be applied to the string and subsequently to the bolt being fired. The Ghost 410 improves on this design further with composite lamination which improves the tensile strength as well as the power that the crossbow can produce.

Despite its high tech feel the Barnett Ghost 410 is actually surprisingly simple to put together, nearly all customers report a very quick, straightforward assembly process that has them out putting bolts down range in less than 20 minutes.

Barnett’s proprietary technology which both lighten and strengthen the Ghost 410 in addition to shifting the balance close to the users shoulder in order to improve stability, accuracy, and comfort.

Two seemingly small features that have a significant impact on both safety and accuracy, the pistol grip with finger guard provides a comfortable grip which has obvious benefits for shooting performance. The pass through foregrip allows the shooter to have a much more firm hold on the crossbow when compared to standard foregrip designs.

A very welcome compliment to the Ghost 410’s host of features and technology these strings utilize Barnett’s custom fiber blend that has been proven to handle very high draw weights as well as the rigors of serious hunting routines in addition to significantly quieting each crossbow shot. Another handy safety feature which improves the safety and longevity of the crossbow by engaging the safety whenever it is cocked and not allowing it to disengage until a bolt is correctly loaded. This

Despite its compact and lightweight design the Barnett Ghost 410 exhibits nearly unrivaled performance and will certainly satisfy even the pickiest of marksmen. As far accuracy goes the Ghost 410 seems to have no problems hitting anything under 60 yards with extreme consistency and several reports claim nail driving precision out to 80 yards.

Based on the specs listed above you can probably already tell that the Ghost 410 is an absolute powerhouse capable of taking down any legal game that you can get in your crosshairs, and as long as you’re sighted in you can be assured that your shot will hit fast and hard each and every time you pull the trigger.

180 lb draw weight
149 foot pounds of energy
15.375″ Power Stroke
410 FPS
22 inch arrow length



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