Wednesday, April 2, 2014

SIG 716

The family of SIG 716 Tactical rifles is a most recent product of the US-based branch of the international arms maker SIG-Sauer. This family reflects current resurrection of the interest toward 7.62mm NATO / .308 Win weapons among US and other NATO troops, currently operating in Afghanistan and Iraq. It also targets to US domestic LE and civilian markets, as the SIG 716 family of rifles includes both Selective-fire (LE/Military only) and Semi-automatic (Civilian legal) guns. The SIG 716 Tactical rifles are closely patterned after the Ar-15 / M16 family of rifles, but are somehow bigger due to the bigger and more powerful caliber, and with certain improvements, such as piston-operated gas action with adjustable gas regulator. The SIG 716 Tactical rifles can be considered to be bigger brothers to the very similar family of SIG 516 tactical rifles, which are chambered for 5.56mm / .223 caliber ammunition. Obviously, it also will compete against such 7.62mm rifles as HK 417, FN SCAR/H Mk.17 and a variety of other 7.62mm Ar-15 / M16 knock-offs. The rifles shown here are prototypes, and it is believed that production rifles will begin to appear on US market not earlier than 2011.

The SIG 716 Tactical rifles are gas operated weapons that use Ar-15 / M16 configuration, with aluminum alloy upper and lower receivers assembled by two captive cross-pins. The basic Ar-15 / M16-style rotary bolt gas operated action is enlarged and strengthened to work with more powerful 7.62mm / .308 caliber ammo and improved with addition of the short-stroke gas piston that runs inside handguards, above the barrel. The gas block is equipped with manually adjustable gas regulator. The trigger unit, manual safety and feed system (magazines, bolt release etc) are also similar to the Ar-15 / M16. The SIG 716 Patrol rifles feature shorter 16 inch barrels and adjustable M4-type buttstocks. The SIG 516 Precision Sniper rifles have longer 20-inch heavy profile barrels and adjustable 'sniper' stock. In either version, barrels are chrome-lined. The sighting equipments is installed using integral Picatinny rail on the top of the receiver and on the additional 4 rails on the forehand.

Military / LE only selective fire versions feature full-automatic and/or 3-round burst firing modes, civilian SIG 716 rifles will fire only in semi-automatic mode. SIG 716 rifles are compatible with current Armalite AR-10 Gen.2 magazines, which are available in 10- or 20-round capacities.

SIG 716 Patrol rifle with EOTech red-dot and back-up iron sights

SIG 716 Patrol Sig 716 Precision Sniper
Caliber: 7.62x51 NATO / .308 Winchester
Action Gas operated, short stroke piston, rotary bolt locking
Barrel length 406 mm / 16" 504 mm / 20"



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